Lawyer Monthly - January 2024

What is collaborative divorce and how does it differ from a litigated divorce in Connecticut? Collaborative divorce, like divorce mediation, is an alternative dispute resolution method that guides couples through the divorce process with minimal court involvement. Collaborative divorce emphasizes cooperation, transparency, and mutual respect over adversarial court proceedings. By committing in writing to avoid court, the collaborative divorce attorneys ensure a dedicated negotiation process, striving for a mutually beneficial settlement outside the courtroom. This approach minimizes emotional upheavals associated with separations and prioritizes the welfare of children. Unlike traditional court proceedings, the collaborative process provides space to address emotional concerns and explore innovative financial and parenting strategies that might not be accessible in a judicial setting. In a collaborative divorce, both spouses work together with a team of professionals. The team includes a collaboratively trained attorney for each spouse, a mental health neutral, and a financial neutral. The team works together to educate, support and guide the spouses in reaching a balanced, respectful and enduring agreement that meets the goals of both spouses and best serves the best interests of the children. The collaborative attorney’s role differs than that of a litigator. Contrary to adopting an adversarial stance, collaboratively trained attorneys emphasize mutual respect and cooperation. These attorneys consider the perspective of both spouses, aiming to forge 20 LAWYER MONTHLY JANUARY 2024 Tackling Collaborative Divorce in Connecticut An Interview with Rosemarie Ferrante Collaborative Attorney, Mediator - Divorce Mediation Center of Fairfield County, CT We are delighted to present an exclusive interview with Rosemarie Ferrante, a renowned Collaborative Attorney and Mediator at the Divorce Mediation Center of Fairfield County, Connecticut. In this comprehensive discussion, Rosemarie will share her expertise on collaborative divorce, a process that offers a distinct and often more harmonious path to navigating the intricacies of divorce compared to traditional litigation.

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