Lawyer Monthly - February 2023

TRANSACTION INTERVIEW 89 Please tell us more about this merger and the role that the Peplows Chartered Accountants team played in ensuring its success. Peplows is a firm of chartered accountants, chartered tax advisors and business consultants based in the SouthWest. It is precisely this combination of accounts, tax and business expertise which led Josh Barling to appoint the firm for ongoing services in June 2021. Sellerdeck had a strong reputation, a proven product offering and was in a sound financial position when it was approached by ClearCourse. It was vital that this was accurately reflected in the deal and the value of the business. Our specialist corporate team were involved from the outset, liaising with the solicitors on the initial heads of terms. We advised on the tax implications of the sale and assisted with the due diligence from both a financial and tax perspective. We then worked closely with the solicitors on the share purchase agreement. Why were the team’s skills and experience a good fit for this particular merger? Peplows is a well-established, awardwinning firm with a strong reputation in the area. Our team are adaptable, resilient and focused with a commitment to providing tailored solutions to our clients. Having worked with the seller prior to the transaction, we had a comprehensive understanding of the business. The ultimate aim of many businesspeople is to build a company that has value, so that it can be sold or transferred at some point. Helping businesses get to this position is what we do. We have a tried and tested methodology to address the many issues that need to be considered when preparing a business for sale. Successful transactions require a range of expertise and experience and the tax implications of any deal are often one of the most important aspects. As chartered tax advisors as well as chartered accountants, we were well-placed to provide the specialist advice required. It is only with this extensive and up-to-date tax knowledge that the tax liability of the entire deal can be kept to a minimum. Did the team encounter any challenges during the course of the sale? If so, how were these overcome? Client manager Lauren Wade was a key member of the corporate team, providing details on the financial condition, background, operations and contractual obligations of Sellerdeck. Sellerdeck CEO Josh Barling commented: “Our finance management has greatly improved since appointing Peplows, from problem solving to thought leadership. The due diligence would not have been possible without Peplows’ involvement and at every point I felt comfortable to personally warrant the information they provided.” When due diligence is done well it will establish a comprehensive, reliable and up to date account of the subject to allow informed decisions to be made by those considering any potential transaction or relationship. As with all other areas of our operations, we provide an extremely personal service to help ensure our clients reach their specific goals. However, we know from experience how important it is to collaborate with all parties involved to avoid potential obstacles and ensure a timely outcome. The success of our approach and service overall has led to our continued appointment during the onboarding process, providing monthly management accounts and ongoing support to the team. For further details regarding our unique service offering and corporate expertise, visit our website at www. Debbie Franklin, ACA CTA FCCA Director of Tax at Peplows Chartered Accountants

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