Lawyer Monthly - February 2023

What does building envelope consulting entail? The building envelope is often referred to as the ‘wrap’ of the structure. In basic terms, it is the exterior components of the roofing, walls and below grade (where applicable) waterproofing which help to keep the moisture and air out of the building. Our primary focus is therefore on the details of the construction of that envelope. This often begins at the design phase with assisting the designers in getting proven waterproofing details incorporated into that design. We can then follow that design into the field and monitor, test and report on the quality assurance of the installed work. We are also engaged in forensic work, which is where we try to find out what went wrong either in the design or in the construction of the project and provide a solution going forward to mitigate the water intrusion issues. 68 LAWYERMONTHLY FEBRUARY 2023 Legal Difficulties in Building Envelope Consulting ExpertWitness The construction industry today faces a broad range of challenges, still contending with losses created by the COVID-19 pandemic and parallel economic factors. This month, Lawyer Monthly hears from Jeff Martin at Fortress BEC, who sheds further light on the state of the construction industry as it currently stands. In this feature he focuses on building envelope consulting, the challenges of modern construction matters and why the legal sector ought to anticipate a wave of construction litigation in 2023 – and even beyond it.

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