Lawyer Monthly - February 2023

I must also show that I have taken into account all other vehicles available and explained that I have eliminated them on the grounds that they cannot be adapted to suit the client. As an example, they may not allow enough head height for someone travelling in a Permobil powered wheelchair. They may not offer a drive from wheelchair position or they are too small internally compared with other vehicle makes and models. There can be quite a difference in price between various vehicle adaptions, but this does not influence my decision. The wrong vehicle is the most expensive vehicle. Your firm also provides valuation for probate. Given the specialist and potentially bespoke nature of the mobility vehicles, how do you go about providing an accurate valuation? To establish any adapted wheelchairaccessible vehicles value, we first look at the value of the vehicle itself based on its age, mileage and condition as a regular, unadapted vehicle. We then look to establish the desirability of the vehicle as it is presented. This includes the type of access, the number of seats, any driver adaptations, etc. Having supplied many bespoke new vehicles over 20+ years, we have very good knowledge of which vehicle conversions are more commonly supplied and are therefore more desirable and of greater value as a used vehicle. This information, combined with our newest enquiries along recent sales reports from specialist sales outlets, helps us to confidently respond to any enquiries. Given the unique nature of the mobility solutions offered, how does PMS go about providing aftercare to its clients? What can clients expect? Do you offer any accident management services? Aftercare, or PMS Service Care as we offer it, is available to all our clients whether we supplied their vehicle or not. We can provide as little or as much support as is required. We can send out maintenance reminders for scheduled jobs such as MOT dates and equipment checks and services, which in some instances are Legal requirements. As many of our clients rely so heavily on their vehicle and cannot be without it, we can arrange for ‘on-site’ visits for equipment maintenance. We also arrange workshop bookings for vehicle repairs, including collection and delivery where offered. Personal Mobility Solutions can settle the workshop accounts on the client’s behalf and then recharge the costs, where applicable, NET of VAT to the deputy or 66 LAWYERMONTHLY FEBRUARY 2023 There are many challenges that we face when assessing a client for their transport needs. Putting together a criteria of their requirements is just the beginning.

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