Lawyer Monthly - February 2023

As PMS is a full service transport company focusing on providing mobility solutions to those with disabilities, how does your role as an expert witness integrate with the broader services PMS offers? As an expert witness I am instructed by legal professionals and can assist case managers to assess clients for their transport requirements. I is through the assessment process that our other services offered by Personal Mobility Solutions are accessed. The service that is used is very much dictated by the outcome of the meeting. One or more services may be offered at any time. For example, it may be established during the meeting that the client is without any suitable wheelchairaccessible transport of their own and without the right transport they are unable to gain access to the wider community. It could be that they have a taxi account, but this has proved to be unreliable. In this instance I would make a recommendation in my report for an adapted rental. During the time it takes to write the report, I would also refer the client or their representative to our rental department to obtain a quote for that service as an immediate need. The option of a rental vehicle is offered as a short-term solution until a permanent vehicle can be sourced, and the client has the choice again to use our services to purchase their new adapted vehicle. Through our Vehicle Supply Service, we will source the base vehicle and oversee the adaptions and modifications that are required, arranging the vehicle transfer between sites and handling all the administration for the client such as the vehicle registration and insurance. By offering this service we can ensure that the vehicle is ordered, adapted,] and delivered to the client without any disruption or stress to themselves. We are often instructed to oversee the sale of an existing client’s current vehicle. They may have reached the time where it is getting too old and they need to replace it, or it could be that their circumstances have changed and they require a different type of vehicle altogether and we can assist them through our Part Exchange service. In which types of cases have you been called on to provide your expert opinion? I can be instructed on any case where there is a requirement for a transport review. However, I am predominantly EXPERTWITNESS 63 Helping Injured Clients to Regain Mobility ExpertWitness In the wake of a catastrophic accident, injured parties often face severe mobility restrictions which hamper their ability to live out their dayto-day lives as they are accustomed. In these cases, the use of personalised vehicles and other transportation aids is critical to help restore their standard of living. This month we hear from transport expert witness Niki Sinclaire, who provides an in-depth look at her own role in providing mobility solutions for her clients.

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