Lawyer Monthly - February 2023

What makes Singapore especially attractive as a destination for ADR? There are many reasons why parties find Singapore attractive for international ADR work. Here, there is a deep respect for the rule of law, a stable geopolitical climate, a safe business environment and strong transportation links, while being geographically and culturally part of the fastest and largest growing market in the world – located within a six-hour flight of more than half the world’s population. Other factors that parties have considered in choosing Singapore are the presence of many regional HQs of global MNCs, the deep and varied pool of legal talent available and the ease of doing business. Even factors such as the ease of movement and suitable cuisine for people from all parts of the world have tipped the scales in favour of a decision to arbitrate in Singapore. When parties think of arbitrating in Singapore, it is because of a combination of many factors that encompass the physical environment, the legal and judicial support system, and the presence of good counsel and related services. In your view, why are hearing centres still relevant to disputes today? For the simple reason that the kind of experience we can provide remains difficult to reproduce elsewhere, even for large companies or law firms. At best, there may be state-of-the-art audio visual equipment and IT capabilities in a conference room or two, but the full suite of offerings in a dedicated hearing centre will likely be missing. This includes soundproof breakout rooms with refreshments and automated locking systems to allow 24-hour access to only authorised individuals, mobile storage within hearing rooms to accommodate document-heavy proceedings, dedicated staff and IT 44 LAWYERMONTHLY FEBRUARY 2023 The Rise of Dispute Resolution in Singapore Thought Leader As we observed throughout 2022, the use of mediation and arbitration as alternatives to litigation has seen a worldwide surge in popularity. Singapore is no exception to the trend, and as a nation finds itself well-placed to accommodate many organisations’ dispute resolution needs. Maxwell Chambers chief executive Ban Jiun Ean expands on the reasons behind Singapore’s explosive ADR growth in this feature.

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