Lawyer Monthly - February 2023

When a person is injured on a vessel, untangling and connecting the dots to assemble and organise tangible and verifiable evidence is a challenge for attorneys representing the injured person. unseaworthiness, a lack of training on the employer’s behalf and failing to recognise dangerous job requirements or unreasonably dangerous job assignments, especially on incidents that occur half way around the world or in foreign ports, is no small task for the practitioner maritime attorney. Soon after incidents occur, there may be multiple safety meetings, changes to policy or assignments or tasks and fixes to an unseaworthy situation or defect of a vessel such that proof thereafter will be difficult. Some vessels and industries (secure ports) have prohibitions on having recording devices such as cell phones on the vessels when they are underway or at sea doing their jobs for various reasons, including national or international safety. 40 LAWYERMONTHLY FEBRUARY 2023

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