Lawyer Monthly - November 2022

TRANSACTION INTERVIEW 91 What tasks did Holly Threlfall and yourself undertake during this transaction? From the outset, we prepared and advised our client on the key aspects of the core and ancillary legal documentation to effect the acquisition, working closely with Pierce Corporate Finance throughout the transaction. We undertook a detailed due diligence review to ensure our client was up to speed with the key aspects of the target company’s business to help ensure this acquisition completed as smoothly as possible. What unique skills and experiences did the Franklins Solicitors team bring to the acquisition? Our corporate team at Franklins are very experienced in M&A transactions. We used this and our skill set to ensure our client was advised fully and properly, ensuring the risk involved when entering into this acquisition was as limited as possible, whether this was advising the client, drafting the documentation or just generally. Of course, there is always some element of risk in these types of transactions, but we wanted to ensure our client was as comfortable as possible when it was time to complete. Did you encounter any significant challenges during the process? How did you tackle them? There were not any specific issues as such. We just needed to follow our usual process in making sure that our client had their required protections in the core legal documentation and that they were made aware of any issues that raised concern through the due diligence process, as is the norm in negotiations of these types of transactions. Justin Wilson at Franklins Solicitors LLP Holly Threlfall at Franklins Solicitors LLP Our corporate team at Franklins are very experienced in M&A transactions.

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