Lawyer Monthly - November 2022

Your small change makes a big difference Your firm’s small change can make a big change to solicitors in need or crisis. “Unclaimed client balances, small or large, make a big difference to the solicitors we help,” says The Solicitors’ Charity CEO Nick Gallagher. “Whether your firm has only a few pennies in a client account or a larger sum, we can use this to fund a healthier, happier and more supported profession.” The work of The Solicitors’ Charity is praised across the profession, with an increasing number of firms signing up to support their work for people in the industry. SAS Daniels LLP has been a regular donor for over 15 years. “The Solicitors’ Charity gives support to individuals who may not have access to this kind of help through their workplaces,” says Head of Finance Ben Sanders. “There are still lots of smaller practices out there that maybe don’t have the facilities to offer Employee Assistance Programmes, or similar, and it may often be difficult to turn to management for emotional help or support if financial troubles arise.” When it comes to RCBs it’s as easy as one, two, three… “The process for donating unclaimed balances is really simple and straightforward,” Nick Gallagher emphasises – and the charity is on hand to help. “The best starting point for anybody who hasn’t done it before is to send us an email, give us a call or fill out the form on our website and we will talk them through the process. “The first thing they need to consider is whether any single donation they’re making is over £500. If it is, then it needs approval from the SRA. We have all the forms for that and can talk you through these steps, which is another reason for you to get in touch with us right at the start. “When you’re ready to donate, you can send a cheque with a cover letter, or make a payment through BACS. Please remember to 76 LAWYERMONTHLYNOVEMBER 2022 TheSolicitors’ CharityTargets Over £1Million in2023 Thought Leader The Solicitors’ Charity has existed since 1858 to help solicitors and their dependants get through tough times. It provides practical, emotional and financial support to make a positive impact on people’s lives. As it looks forward to helping even more solicitors get back on track in the future, it is calling on legal firms to donate their unclaimed Residual Client Balances (RCBs) to help the charity reach its target of raising over £1 million in 2023.

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