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is improper care, a report generated by the Department of Health can be extremely useful if there is litigation forthcoming. If your loved one is in immediate danger or having a medical emergency, dial 911 to report nursing home abuse and get help as soon as possible. Do you have any initial pieces of advice that you would give to family members of an elderly abuse victim seeking justice? First, family members should not feel guilty or ashamed. Unfortunately, elder abuse is a massive problem that occurs in all settings and geographic areas. Not only is it their legal right to take actio, but it also helps protect other residents at the facility and future residents. Families need to understand that the long-term care industry is frequently controlled by large corporations who have little or no experience with senior care. They look at each patient as a commodity that can be replaced with another body. Operators of facilities are notorious for keeping their facilities staffed at barebones levels — hiring the staff they are obligated to under the law and no more. Moreover, they typically pay the lowest wages to staff, which tends to attract the least skilled and qualified. By pursuing a legal claim, families are taking a stand and showing that they will not tolerate poor care. In many respects, facilities only make improvements in patient care when they feel the pinch in their pockets. How can the family and loved ones of an elderly person best ensure that a nursing home is safe prior to their entering care? The best thing a family can do to protect their loved one in a nursing facility prior to their admission is to do research on the facility. There are a lot of resources online, but families should definitely review and the Department of Public Health where the facility is located. Both of these websites have a lot of data on each facility that can be telling as to the type of care they provide. Additionally, families should visit the facility at least one time prior to the admission of their loved one. If something does not seem right or the condition of the residents is concerning, move on! If time allows, make several visits to the facility — including an unannounced visit to see if the conditions are any different when there is no advance notice or preparation. At the end of the day, trusting your instinct goes go a long way towards ensuring your loved one’s health, safety and happiness! THOUGHT LEADER 99 About Jonathan Rosenfeld Jonathan Rosenfeld is an Illinoisbased personal injury lawyer. He is experienced in representing elderly nursing home residents against individuals or institutions that have caused them harm through abuse or neglect. He also represents infants and children who have been harmed by medical negligence or abuse in foster care. Jonathan is a regular speaker at legal conferences, committed to staying current with new developments in personal injury law. About Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers comprises a team of top-rated Illinois trial attorneys specializing in personal injury law. Over nearly 25 years of operation, they have obtained more than $250 million in compensation for their clients and gained numerous accolades, including an AVVO Rating of 10/10 and recognition by Super Lawyers and the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Contact Jonathan Rosenfeld Founder Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC 225 W Wacker Dr #1660, Chicago, IL 60606, United States Tel: +1 847-835-8895 E:

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