Lawyer Monthly - October 2022

What factors often see turnarounds fail? There can be any number of reasons why turnarounds fail. Broadly speaking the causes arise from either a failure to identify the right changes to be made or a failure to fully or correctly implement the changes needed. Other reasons turnarounds fail can include, for example; poor communication with stakeholders such as employees or customers, a lack of buy-in or resistance to change from management or an under-provision of the funding or capital requirements needed to properly implement the turnaround. What legal proceedings can be taken against a company in insolvency? The legal proceedings that can be taken against a company in insolvency depend to a large extent on what action, if any, the company may have taken as a result of its THOUGHT LEADER 85 Early intervention can be critical in allowing clients make fully informed decisions with the benefit of as much information and options available to them as possible.

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