Lawyer Monthly - October 2022

– are amongst some of the busiest professionals and, unsurprisingly, regular LinkedIn updates may not make their list of top priorities. Furthermore, getting employees (and partners) to adapt to new digital activities can be challenging – especially when it is not essential to their daily practices. The key here is providing education and resources. Personal branding is becoming an increasingly accepted concept amongst professionals, and often ambitious professionals will jump at the opportunity to promote their name and work portfolio. As such, employee advocacy is an easy sell to employees and simply offering workshops and educational resources (such as guides) on how to engage with a firm and its content online can be a good way to kickstart an effective employee advocacy initiative. 2) Being There When You Are Needed Professional services firms often have a tough time navigating today’s onlinefocused market. Unlike traditional forms of marketing, where marketing messages were filtered from businesses down to consumers, online algorithms across search engines and social platforms have put users in the driver’s seat, allowing them more control over the type of content that they see and engage with. As a result, push-marketing techniques (such as social media advertisements) can often fall on deaf ears for demand-based services. The trick here is to be proactive about ensuring prospects can find you when they need you, and by ‘find’, we mean you come up on page one of Google’s search results and at the forefront of review platforms. Unfortunately, SEO has never been more competitive than it is today, and with recent algorithmic changes on core search platforms now prioritising sites that produce regular, high-quality content, the output needed for a successful SEO strategy can be incredibly demanding for organisations. Further, we are finding that users are increasingly using social platforms as a means of vetting prospective service SPECIAL FEATURE 33 All of these activities are only worthwhile if the content you are producing is relevant to your target client.

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