Lawyer Monthly - October 2022

Could you please expand on the role your firm played during this transaction, and on the features of the six properties disposed of? BEST Solicitors worked closely with BRM Solicitors to form a strong commercial team, advising the vendors on the complex nuances of a transaction of this size. BEST Solicitors provided focused property advice across a large portfolio of care homes and ancillary land. There were several complicated topics requiring bespoke advice, involving intricate transfers of part, third-party consents and grants/reservations of detailed easements and rights involving multiple corporate parties. BEST Solicitors drafted a full suite of multifarious property documents and advised the vendors on various demanding title considerations. What professional skills and experience did yourself and your team bring to the process? Elizabeth and I have many years of conveyancing and real estate experience between us. We formed a capable team, offering a very complementary skillset. It is a uniquely favourable aptitude to be able to bounce around ideas between lawyers and formulate creative solutions to some of the demands that transactions of this size can bring. We both have proven abilities in complex legal drafting and assessing and reviewing title matters, which enabled us to produce contracts and transfer deeds and ancillary documents dealing with a good number of commercial properties and land. BEST Solicitors provided ongoing advice to our clients at every step of the negotiation process. Did you encounter any challenges during the course of the transaction? If so, how did you overcome them? Any large commercial transaction featuring a healthy real estate collection will present a number of property-based hurdles to overcome. The properties were based over several geographical locations and so the historic titles of each differed widely. One has to take a flexible approach to these matters and deal with each property on an individual basis. As a niche team at BEST Solicitors, we also face the challenges of dealing with a significant number of lawyers in transactional teams at some of our larger counterparts. By limiting our focus to two experienced members of our team, we were able to separate the demands of the project into focused, manageable stages – “divide and conquer”, as they say! Lawyer Monthly also had the pleasure to speak with Ian Osborn of Best Solicitors to give us some further insight into this transaction:

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