Lawyer Monthly - August 2022

Contact Avigal Horrow Founder AH Consulting Group Tel: +1 310-999-4009 E: AUG 2022 | WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM I am hoping to launch the giving circle in September or October 2022. Mindy Friedman, the founder of the SAM Initiative, an amazingly successful giving circle formed 10 years ago on the west side of Los Angeles, has been a huge source of inspiration and a mentor in this process. I am so grateful and excited for this last chapter – to take everything I have learned during this journey, together with the help of my family, closest friends and my community, to make a lasting difference, which will be the epilogue of my story. in customers and consequently in employees. I was reviewing and negotiating contracts daily as well as on-boarding and integrating new employees into a virtual world at record speed. Furthermore, in light of their success, their CEO was smart enough to realise that although success was natural due to external circumstances, it was time to implement strategic management practices to intentionally create the continued success they were having. As such, I was fortunate enough to become part of their executive team to aid in learning and planning for their continued success. At D&H, I worked on a weekly basis with one of their three partners, their office manager and an outside marketing firm to learn and create methods for letting the world know about their extraordinary litigation skills and successes, even during the pandemic – demonstrating how they could be virtual and still give great care to each and every client on every level. I learned how to promote and maintain the firm’s integrity, morality and humility while sharing client testimonials that could speak for themselves. The final chapter begins now that there have been great achievements and developments in how to protect our first responders and patients from COVID-19, it is time for me to return to my mission of pursuing my final chapter: launching my legacy of a giving circle in the South Bay of Los Angeles. This circle will be formed with and by a group of people who value civic engagement and education regarding the issues that face our less fortunate communities on a daily basis – and for whom things got exponentially worse during and in the aftermath of the pandemic. The goal of the giving circle will be to educate each other about the issues facing less fortunate communities in the South Bay of Los Angeles, to inspire philanthropy and to create an impact by pooling funds and making annual grants that will change those communities one life at a time. MY LEGAL LIFE - AVIGAL HORROW 25

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