Lawyer Monthly - August 2022

The Last Chapter: Journey of an Attorney AUG 2022 | WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM operations and implementation of proactive policies to limit back-end liability exposure. During my tenure as general counsel, I enhanced corporate policies and procedures for national and international operations as well as the oversight and administration of all aspects of human resources and risk management compliance. Additionally, I was involved in business and employee development, corporate governance and licensing for InterCon’s corporate headquarters as well as operations in over a dozen countries on four different continents. Although I loved this job and was exposed to the most interesting issues with the highest learning curve, it was simply geographically undesirable. In a city where it can take over an hour to travel 12 miles, 30 miles could take an eternity. Having three daughters under the age of three, I just could not be in all places and give enough to all aspects of my life. Chapter Three took a little time to figure out. Over many brainstorming sessions with my husband, we tried to capture how to utilise the skills I had Graduating from law school in the mid90s, I thought I had it all figured out. I wanted to be a prosecutor specialising in cases of domestic violence. I had interned for Casey Gwynn, a lead city attorney in San Diego at the time, who was brilliant and passionate and in whose footsteps I wanted to follow. So much for dreaming! Instead, I took what I could get – which was the first plaintiff firm that would hire me and help me pay back my student loans. I was seeing many kinds of cases in general civil litigation and family law, but it just was not doing it for me. I was newly engaged to my best friend and fellow law school classmate who was living and working in LA, which led me to my second job with an insurance defence firm in LA. I loved the fast pace of litigation, the depositions and arbitrations and court appearances, until I started a family. The second chapter beganwithworking a slightlymodified schedule as a general counsel, focusing on employment practices, human resources and risk management. I learned that I loved MY LEGAL LIFE - AVIGAL HORROW This month we have the pleasure of hearing from Avigal Horrow, a California lawyer whose work has manifested in many forms. Over the course of her storied career, Avigal has been a legal consultant, a general counsel, a crisis centre response coordinator, and more besides. She shares the story of her professional development with us in this feature, along with her plans for the final stage of her work as a lawyer. 23 Having three daughters under the age of three, I just could not be in all places and give enough to all aspects of my life.

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