Lawyer Monthly - August 2022

Ministers. This led to the lack of clear arbitration practices in the Kingdom. Fourth: The stalemate in arbitration operations continued until 1982, the year that witnessed the issuance of the first arbitration law, which was followed by the issuance of its executive regulations in 1984. The means of settling various disputes other than the judiciary then entered a lull period that continued until 2012, when the Kingdom witnessed another qualitative leap in the field of arbitration. It was the issuance of a new and advanced law with which the previous system was abolished, and this law is derived in its entirety from the model arbitration system (the UNCITRAL law), but with some changes in specific articles to make the law compatible with the legal rules as a general law in the Kingdom. Fifth: It is worth mentioning that, in 1994, the Kingdom ratified the New York Treaty on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards issued in 1958. Abdulaziz Aldomaiji Abdulaziz Aldomaiji is an independent financial consultant who is registered with the Ministry of Justice as a certified arbitrator in financial disputes. He is also is certified in the areas of arbitration and claims for local and international construction contracts, drafting of company and commercial agency contracts, and commercial arbitration. His past achievements include the procedural transformation of accounting records at Saudi Post, where he became Vice President of Financial Affairs. Contact Abdulaziz Aldomaiji Tel: +966 555-460-119 E:

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