Lawyer Monthly - July 2022

Tracy Liberatore Founder Michael JonathanClark ENT Physician Med Legal Pro LLC 350 Aston Mountain Road, Spring Brook Twp, PA 18444, United States Tel: +1 844-633-5345 E: entertain other types of cases. As I am approached by a client, I try to obtain as much information as I can up front on the specifics of the case to determine if I can provide an opinion that would be beneficial and, if not, try to make it clear early on to avoid wasting time and effort and determine that I cannot support the needs of the client. I find that my approach to a client differs considerably to how I routinely approach my patients in my medical practice. As I have taken on a wider range of cases and tried to consider both cases for the plaintiff as well as the defendant, I have found that around 20% of my practice involves working as an expert. Although I still enjoy evaluation patients in my office as well as performing surgeries and procedures, I find it refreshing to have a portion of my work that involves some solitude and has flexibility so I can attend to it at my convenience and from any location. Are thereany trends in the sectormorewidely that youcan sharewithus? Personally, the most interesting trend I have noticed is the transition after COVID to utilising teleconferencing technology such as Zoom. I find it convenient to be able to participate in meetings with both the clients and their attorneys over Zoom instead of travelling, but more importantly, the requirement of participating in depositions has become much less timeconsuming and costly for all involved. I believe these changes may encourage my colleagues in otolaryngology who avoided work as an expert to reconsider, as they can incorporate it into their work with less 69 JUL 2022 | WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM EXPERT WITNESS disruption to their clinical practice as well as their personal lives. What setsMedLegal Pro apart as anetwork for connectingclients and medical professionals? I personally do not believe that I would have considered taking on more than the occasional case as an expert without Med Legal Pro. Tracy and her team not only connect me with law firms looking for my specific area of expertise, but they provide a central secure access for the clients to upload records, keep me apprised on due dates for reports, provide support for writing a more clear and concise opinion and keep my schedule for upcoming depositions and court dates as needed. They also keep an updated CV, list of prior work and depositions and live testimonies so that it can be provided in a timely manner. I find that my approach to a client differs considerably to how I routinely approach my patients in my medical practice. About Med Legal Pro LLC Med Legal Pro LLC provides medicallegal consulting services on a broad range of healthcare law issues, including medical malpractice, personal injury and nursing home negligence. The firm’s network of healthcare professionals can also assist with medical records chronology, medical case summary preparation and the location of suitable expert witnesses.

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