Lawyer Monthly - June 2022

continuing education courses and, perhaps most importantly, through a deep understanding of the idea of empathy and professional ethics. Is law school an effective venue for training these skills? Are there improvements that could be made in this area? Any law school (but here I will refer to the one in Romania) is the foundation of the professional training of any practitioner. Certainly, the basic structures of professional training are built during law school. In terms of improvements, I think the most important thing is permanent focus and attention of moving from theory to practice. This means that the exercises, simulations and other activities carried out in law school must always take the realities of practice into account. This is the only way in which we can ensure that law students are properly prepared for their future careers. 87 JUN 2022 | WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM THOUGHT LEADER - ADRIANA ANCA BOGHIU Is the practical culture of criminal law significantly different in Romania when compared to other European nations? Romania is a member state of the European Union (member state for 15 years). While still at the beginning of the cultural integration of European values, the direction of development is towards alignment with the European criminal law culture. However, each country has its own specificities, both cultural and ideological, and there are still differences which will continue to evolve. Among the main differences – especially in the area of white collar and cybercrime legislation – we have legislative gaps and differences of opinion from European practice. From the perspective of the applicability of the law in the courts, the differences with the European Union are: • In the case of preventive deprivation of liberty, in Romania, priority is given not necessarily to investigation in a state of liberty, but to investigation in a state of provisional detention, which contradicts EU recommendations and the Cedo Convention. • Romanian tax legislation does not ignore EU law, but neither can we say that it always applies it with priority. It should be noted that the opinions and decisions of the Court of Justice Adriana Anca Boghiu Quality can be identified by the results obtained, by the methods applied, by the strategies proposed to clients.

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