Lawyer Monthly - May 2022

WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM | MAY 2022 INSURANCE & REINSURANCE - DENNYS ZIMMERMAN 64 different, and we have many qualified professionals in the country. Do you foresee other legislative or cultural changes in the cyber insurance space to emerge in 2022 and beyond? Cyber risk insurance will be a reality for everyone at the corporate and individual levels. Virtual reality permeates our educational and cultural lives – as an example, when meeting with clients, I practically do not bring physical documents with me. I do not doubt that we will soon purchase cyber insurance just as we purchase life or health insurance. It has never been more true that the world fits into a computer screen as it is today, so it is fair to say that this virtual environment can now reap the benefits that the insurance industry can provide. of this product, thus, any warranties stipulated at this stage are essential for maintaining the coverage throughout the policy term. At this stage, the Insurer will point out failures in the insured’s production process that will need to be remedied for the contracting of the insurance. It is crucial to consider what the Insurer notes because when a cyber event occurs, these notes will be the first ones examined in the loss adjustment procedure. The cyber insurance sector is projected to quadruple by 2028. What factors are driving this explosive growth? The digitisation of the economy, undoubtedly – and with it, the entry into force of data protection and processing laws and regulations that increase the level of exposure of companies and increase the possibility of their civil and administrative accountability for the damage that cyber events may entail. The contracting of Insurance is relevant even for the company to demonstrate its good faith and thus mitigate the extent of future indemnities and penalties Though cyber insurance is a growing field, there are few Brazilian specialists in this area. Do you expect to see this change in the near future? I think so, yes. In the first product I helped develop, which occurred in 2016, I remember the difficulty of setting up a panel of forensic experts. In some situations, it was even embarrassing to show our lack of resourcefulness on the topic to foreign clients. Today, the reality is RPZAdvogados RPZ Advogados is a law firm based in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, with roots in one of the largest insurance firms in London. After separating from this firm in 2020, RPZ Advogados retained all but one of their lawyers and almost all of their clients, building on the global advocacy network that it had previously enjoyed. The firm has also created Insulaw, a worldwide network of highly specialised insurance and reinsurance law firms with offices throughout Latin America, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and others.

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