Lawyer Monthly - May 2022

39 MAY 2022 | WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM are seeing an increase in immigration activity from a wide range of clients due to many factors including Brexit and the competition for global talent. What are the most common challenges faced by your UK corporate immigration clients? I would categorise the challenges into three main areas: 1. Costs – The costs involved in engaging with the UK Immigration system have increased exponentially over the past years. For a family of four, government fees and charges can run into tens of thousands of pounds. The Immigration Skills Charge (up to £1,000 per year of sponsorship) and Immigration Health Surcharge, together with various application fees, can be a barrier to some organisations accessing the system. 2. Competition for Global Talent – In recent years the UK Immigration Rules have created a hostile environment for migrants attempting to come to the UK. Since the UK left the Single Market, the government has had to develop a system that addresses concerns about immigration whilst also providing the country with the supply of skills and entrepreneurship that we need to compete globally. A shortage of skilled workers across the world means that competition among global businesses will intensify to attract the talent that we need. The changes being introduced will not have an immediate impact and it may take some time for the UK to attract global talent, whilst also facing competition from governments looking at ways to retain their homegrown talent. In short, to ensure success in the global market for talent, businesses need to be strategic when considering their corporate immigration needs. 3. Compliance Obligations – Holding a sponsor licence under the SW or GBM visa schemes requires companies to comply with a set of obligations, these range from legal right to work checks to monitoring and reporting on migrant activity. There is a significant compliance burden, with associated risks, imposed on employers. What are some of the most interesting business immigration cases Magrath Sheldrick has worked on in recent years? We are often involved in advising large multinational companies in relation to strategic options for senior hires in the UK. Additionally, Magrath Sheldrick have been involved in lobbying the government on changes to immigration rules in response to our clients’ needs and feedback on existing arrangements. For example, during the pandemic we were central in advising in relation to concessions for the doctors and nurses in the NHS. We aim to be strategic advisers as well as service providers. EXPERT INSIGHT About Joanne Taylor & Magrath Sheldrick LLP Joanne Taylor is a partner at Magrath Sheldrick LLP with over 10 years’ experience in corporate immigration, assisting many large and medium enterprises with all their UK Immigration needs. The Immigration department at Magrath Sheldrick LLP is headed up by esteemed lawyers Chris Magrath and Ben Sheldrick and has consistently been recognised by Legal 500, Chambers and Partners Guide to the Legal Profession and other recognised legal directories as a top-ranked immigration practice. It was one of the first designated “business immigration” departments in the United Kingdom. As a firm, Magrath Sheldrick has three decades of experience in providing advice and assistance in all areas of immigration and nationality law. Joanne Taylor Partner Magrath Sheldrick LLP 22 Chancery Lane, London, WC2A 1LS Tel: +44 020-7317-6765 Fax: +44 020-7317-7677 E:

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