Lawyer Monthly - May 2022

18 MAY 2022 WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM Following our last interview with you, you said that you had ambitions to expand the presence of GFK Conseils-Juridis in Africa and Asia. Can you share any news on this front? As far as Asia is concerned, we opened a branch in Singapore last year, which allows us to reach out to all the Asian territories that we had identified. In Africa, we have just opened an operational base in Mauritius, from which we operate throughout Africa, whether in the context of the internationalised growth of our private clients or the public policies of our institutional clients. 2022 should be a particularly interesting year, culturally and structurally. of which I am proud, but on which I cannot speak publicly. However, one of my greatest prides is to have succeeded in creating a firm which, each year, manages to come to the aid of the most disadvantaged by the financing of public utility programs in Africa and in Sri Lanka by setting aside part of our profits. The tactical support that we provide our customers on a daily basis through this measure is supplemented by vital operational support to the disadvantaged, which meets basic needs where public policies meet their limits. This dimension is even more important in the current economic context. We also organised a great charity evening on 25 March, during which an artwork auction took place. The proceeds from the sales, initially planned to build a school building in Sri Lanka, will make it possible to release emergency health and food aid for the country, which is suffering greatly from global tensions. About GFK Conseils-Juridis Romain founded GFK Conseils-Juridis in 2017. Today, the firm is present in Europe, the Middle East, the United States and Asia. Specialising in the definition of strategies, Romain has a strong reputation in the resolution of technically complex cases, from mergers and acquisitions to restructurings, through the drafting of laws that contribute to legislative and constitutional changes. Do you have further plans for the remainder of this year and beyond? Advanced discussions with tactical, legal andmanagerial groups in the Emirates will allow us to conquer new market shares in a territory in which we have already been well established for years. The United Arab Emirates, as I told you earlier, have developed a particularly intelligent and attractive policy for welcoming start-ups. In addition, because we act as a strategic advisor for many tech organisations, the new task force that we are developing around this area is certain to become an essential operational tool for them. If you had to name one of your career accomplishments that you are particularly proud of having achieved, which would it be? There are a number of achievements About Romain Gerardin-Fresse

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