Lawyer Monthly - April 2022

In cases concerning significant fraud and the resulting damages, an expert’s valuation is highly sought-after. In this feature, Dr Donald May presents the fundamental principles of how securities fraud damages are assessed and how this is presented in the work of an associated expert witness. About DonaldMay Dr Donald May is a former MIT finance professor with a wealth of experience in testifying, as a worldleading expert on the valuation of damages. Possessing over 30 years’ worth of experience in the field, Dr May provides consulting, valuation and litigation support in addition to a broad range of damage analyses and valuations for all kinds of businesses. DMAEconomics DMA Economics works on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants to calculate damages in high-stakes commercial litigation. Damage calculations may relate to securities fraud, product defects, theft of trade secrets or business interruption, among other areas. The team’s past clients have included billion-dollar investment funds under SEC investigation and SMEs concerned with the impact of potential litigation. Expert Valuation of Securities Fraud Damages

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