Lawyer Monthly - April 2022

EXPERT INSIGHT 72 WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM | APR 2022 About Fausto De Angelis and FdA Law Firm Fausto De Angelis is the founding partner of FdA Law Firm – Legal Services in Business Law. He is a business lawyer with an extensive international background acquired during his career as head of legal in various multinational companies. With more than 25 years of experience in negotiations, restructuring of operations and achievement of cross-border deals, he is a highly sought-after partner for large companies and SMEs which intend to start new businesses abroad or to strengthen their presence in the emerging markets. He also offers clients his managerial and entrepreneurial skills as part of his legal business advisory. Fuasto de Angelis Founder, FdA Law Firm – Legal Services in Business Law Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 55/D, 21020 Buguggiate VA, Italy Tel: +39 335-640-2404 E: What role can general counsel play in this? GCs, when present, can certainly become key “change agents” within the company and can support the leadership group in ensuring effective implementation of corporate governance. What forms of support can they offer? Besides the pure legal support that they can provide, I believe that there is a great opportunity for GCs to make a meaningful difference through strategy planning and change management (including cultural change). What major pitfalls should be avoided as part of this process? The cementing of greater and stronger corporate governance requires that the right strategy be put in place and developed using the right skills. It can be common to encounter serious challenges when such strategies are not well positioned by the senior management, or when the right talents are not invested in the project. What are the “right skills” that a project like this will require? From this point forwards for GCs, I foresee that “soft skills” will have a much greater impact on their roles. This is something that, at least in Italy, helps to more effectively facilitate the career development of in-house counsel. How can employees with these skills be identified and used to the greatest effect? When I give training on business law, I always stress the importance of certain aspects in order to identify the right resources and skills. For example, I believe that cross-functional development, positive “contamination” with different and complementary skills, and multi-jurisdictional expertise are always valuable features for a professional. From this point forwards for GCs, I foresee that “soft skills” will have a much greater impact on their roles.

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