Lawyer Monthly - April 2022

71 APR 2022 | WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM of corporate governance can bring tangible benefits to entrepreneurs, especially when they lead multiple businesses. Some of the advantages to be gained range from the clear identification of these various businesses in the right “boxes” to a more efficient asset allocation process, up to the creation of synergies and scale economies. What steps should a company take to implement strong governance at the centre of its corporate structure? The first step should be to set the “tone at the top” in the sense that it is essential for a leading entrepreneur to enshrine corporate governance as a part of their company’s strategic plan equal to its business objectives. With this approach, entrepreneurs can ensure sufficient engagement of management teams and sufficient focus on the strategy’s company-wide implementation. Regarding that implementation, are there any crucial things that the management team should watch out for? In my eyes, one of the top priorities for any senior leadership team remains to develop a culture of leading by example – inspiring their organisations by doing business with integrity and making sure their corporate values are reflected in the execution of their strategy. Do you have any predictions for how this space might develop in the coming years? It is always difficult to make predictions in such an unstable and changeable global business environment. I certainly see that in the future, legislators will be more committed to creating laws and regulations to prevent crises for companies rather than just inflicting sanctions. This is a significant evolution of business culture, at least for Italy. Why do you believe there should be a greater emphasis on corporate governance as part of companies’ business plans? A clear strategy for the development

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