Lawyer Monthly - April 2022

49 APR 2022 | WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM Stage 3: Consult With an Immigration Lawyer Ultimately, as these programs are strategically utilised by wealthy individuals to help achieve their personal goals, it is imperative that interested parties engage the services of reputable immigration firms in order to determine which program best meets their needs. Working with experienced immigration professionals has multiple benefits. As professionals, they can assist applicants through the financial pre-planning, program selection and application process. Their experience allows them to offer solutions for investors on any potential issues the applicant might face. Not only that, but as programs are used by governments to attract foreign investments, they also change based on how well or how poorly local economies perform. Thus, advice from a reputable lawyer will be paramount to ensure investors know the most accurate, up-to-date information on a program. Keep in mind that communication with lawyers and attorneys is confidential and can only be disclosed by means of a court order, unlike an immigration consultant. Only lawyers and attorneys have the statutory right to hold an applicant’s funds into escrow and maintain a professional insurance. Additionally, lawyers and attorneys have a statutory duty to always act in blowback, or simply having a Plan B for the security of themselves and their family. Having clear expectations will allow the applicant to choose the right investment visa program. Stage 2: Compare Different Investment Immigration Programs At this stage, the applicant is recommended to review the list of investment immigration programs available and compile a list of programs that aligns with their immigration goals. Some factors that should also be considered when reviewing these programs include the processing time, the type and amount of investment and any restrictions associated with the program (such as travel or relocation limitations).

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