Lawyer Monthly - April 2022

INSIDE THIS ISSUE Contents 4 WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM | APR 2022 WORLD REPORT 6. Monthly Round-Up 8. Lawyer Moves - Recent Appointments FRONT COVER FEATURE 12. Law Firms in Russia Who is Leaving, Who is Staying? MY LEGAL LIFE: 16. Providing Compassionate Service for Brain Injury Clients Steven Florendine, Davidson & Williams 20. What Do Alternative Legal Services Have to Offer? Chad Volkert, Protiviti 24. The Making of an Exceptional Defence Attorney Sam Bassett, Minton, Bassett, Flores & Casey 28. A Guide to Navigating Franchise Disputes Jason Power, Franchise.Law 32. The Journey of a Sino-Canadian Commercial Lawyer Hong Guo, Guo Law Corporation SPECIAL FEATURES 36. Quincecare Duty Expanded: What Are the Implications for Banks? 38. How Omnichannel Legal Services Meet Clients’ Needs Post-Pandemic 40. What Other Options Do You Have After Getting a Law Degree? EXPERT INSIGHT 44. The Modern Landscape of White-Collar Crime Helen Hatton, Central Associates Limited 48. How ‘Citizenship By Investment’ Works Jean-François Harvey, Harvey Law Group 52. Enforcing Non-Compete Clauses in the Post-COVID Era Ruofei Xiang, Mazzola Lindstrom LLP 56. What is the State of US Transgender Employment Rights? Shawn Twing, Mullin Hoard & Brown 60. Governing Law for Cross-Border Contracts: Why is Swiss Substantive Law Such an Attractive Choice? Andrea Haefeli, Walder Wyss Ltd 64. Canadian Immigration Processing Times: Will the Improvements Be Enough? Maria Campos, Lawyer & Notary Public 68. The Complexities of International Child Relocation Carly Mirza-Price, Mills Oakley 70. Enshrining Corporate Governance in Your Business Plan Fuasto de Angelis, FdA Law Firm THOUGHT LEADER 74. General Counsel: Delivering Cross-Border Compliance in Large Organisations Alison McCullough-Butchart, Qualico Developments Canada Ltd Chad Volkert What Do Alternative Legal Services Have to Offer? 20

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