Lawyer Monthly - April 2022

MY LEGAL LIFE - JASON POWER Please tell us a little about your journey into law. I began my legal career in high school when I worked as a legal assistant in a personal injury law firm in Tampa, Florida. My bosses at that firm understood that the law was my intended path, so they gave me the opportunity to learn various aspects around working in and running a law firm. I held this job through college, which gave me five years of experience that most people do not get before they go to law school. After finishing law school, I spent a short period of time working as a business attorney at a small firm. After leaving that firm, I partnered with a colleague of mine and learned franchise law. After a brief introductory period, I was able to start consulting with franchisors (both start-ups and established brands) and help coach them through the process. I learned with both of these firms what kind of attorney I truly wanted to be. After leaving that firm, I started a new firm. We decided to run a firm based on being a part of the team for each of our clients instead of just being a tool in their toolbox. Many of these clients appreciate this approach, which has led to improving our reputation in the industry. Can you share anything about your career plans for 2022 and beyond? Prior to COVID-19 stopping most travel, I spent a lot of time speaking about franchising across the country speaking at trade shows. At these trade shows, I would speak about buying a franchise and franchising a business with the intent of spreading as much education as possible. This was fostered by my desire to coach franchisees and franchisors through their processes. As such, my plans are to continue growing my firm in the years to come, coaching franchisors and franchisees and possibly help grow the franchise legal community through teaching franchise law. I very much enjoy helping start-up franchise systems and those systems that have had problems and need to course-correct before they encounter too many legal issues. This leads me to the desire to focus on education and coaching through my firm, helping our associate attorneys grow into exceptional franchise attorneys, and possibly entering teaching at the college level in the future. About Jason Power APR 2022 | WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM 31 My name is Jason Power. I am a franchise attorney with Franchise.Law. I have been exclusively focused on practising franchise law since 2009. My firm, Franchise.Law, is a four-attorney firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina that helps business across the country franchise their business and helps existing franchisors with their franchise related legal needs. Jason Power Managing Attorney Franchise.Law 101 S. Tryon St, Suite 2700, Charlotte, NC 28280 Tel: +1 980-202-5679 E:

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