Lawyer Monthly - April 2022

MY LEGAL LIFE - CHAD VOLKERT 23 APR 2022 | WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM Protiviti that includes legal consulting and alternative legal services, we can partner effectively with a law firm or inhouse counsel because the client can find everything they need under one roof – people, processes and procedures. The client deals with one management team responsible for conducting oversight over the whole project and with access to the best expertise. Our team is tasked with finding the most efficient, cost-effective, innovative and up-to-date ways of solving the client’s issues. For the majority of clients, this proves to be a very positive, stress-free approach. How can an over-reliance on new legal tech also be counterproductive? There are many new tech products on the market and they can all sound attractive at first. We can assist clients in understanding if they really need the product, and if they do, we can bring in expert consultants to implement it and help train their people to use. The legal field still remains a ‘people business’ at heart, though; to get to the root of the problems, find the most effective solutions and build longterm trusted relationships, there is no substitute for discussion around the table. Do you feel that alternative legal services present an attractive prospect for new law grads? Yes, most definitely. The alternative legal services industry has been on a steep growth trajectory since 2006. It means that law students are no longer limited to a traditional career path within a law firm or in-house legal department. Instead, they can stay in the legal space and enjoy the challenges offered by consulting-based work, which includes continuously meeting new people, building relationships, frequently working on new projects and being tasked with solving meaningful business issues. What first sparked your interest in legal consulting and alternative legal services? I have always had a passion for people and providing solutions, especially related to the legal world. I knew midway through law school that I wanted to be involved in the legal space, but most likely on the business side. I have worked for the same organisation (first at Robert Half, now at Protiviti) for 23 years, as the company has afforded me the opportunity to evolve and rapidly grow our practice. It is fantastic to be able to work closely with extraordinary clients, including lawyers and business leaders, around the world to enhance their companies. I am energised each day by being part of the legal world, and I am always looking forward to collaborating with my colleagues, in-house counsel and law firm managing partners or practice leaders to solve client problems in a constantly changing and challenging business environment. What do you foresee for the future of legal consulting including alternative legal services? It is an exciting time to be in the legal consulting and ALSP field. The dynamic environment in which we operate means that new opportunities emerge arise all the time. For example, during the last couple of years, we have assisted many government agencies with managing their COVID-19 relief efforts and related legal work. Other “new” areas are the increasing focus on legal privacy issues which have presented opportunities for us to support companies needing to improve that part of their business. Corporations are increasingly realising that outsourcing their legal needs can provide access to outstanding legal talent, increase transparency in the work being done by experts in specific areas and reap immediate bottom-line results. At the same time, law firms perceive that alternative legal service providers can bring a depth of legal expertise in key areas that significantly benefits their clients in partnership with the law firm’s invaluable legal advice. We have every reason to think that the current rate of growth will not slow down any time soon. More About Chad

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