Lawyer Monthly - March 2022

hy do you feel that compassion is crucial when handling class action litigation? Attorneys all too often fail to listen to their clients in order to fully understand them. Attorneys want to jump to the conclusion and dismiss the situation without fully understanding it. This happens a lot because those seeking legal advice often times have a sense that something illegal happened, but are poor at articulating it. The job of a good, compassionate attorney is therefore to listen intently and then follow up with the questions that will shed further light on the situation, rather than hurrying the person through some scripted questionnaire without fully vetting the claims. The best class actions that we have been fortunate to pursue on behalf of our clients were those where we listened and found unique claims that we could bring on behalf of all those who were in a similar situation. What measures do you take to ensure that clients’ issues are handled with kindness during these cases? The kindest thing a law firm can do for its clients is to achieve results. We spend a lot of time creating and honing internal processes and procedures that will lead to best and fastest results for our clients. Many attorneys falsely believe their clients want their hands held, so to speak, and are “needy.” What those clients usually want, rather, is to know that their attorney is handling the case efficiently and EXPERT INSIGHT 48 WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM | MAR 2022 Delivering Compassionate Class Actions W The key to leading a successful class action lawsuit often rests with client communication. What are the most effective ways of conveying information between counsel and clients, and why is it important to be attentive when vetting claims? We hear from SW Employment Law founder Jacob Whitehead on how human understanding can help when litigating class actions.

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