Lawyer Monthly - March 2022

37 MAR 2022 | WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM PUTTING PHILANTHROPY AT THE CENTRE OF CLIENT ENGAGEMENT the Eversource Hartford Marathon in partnership with the Achilles Foundation, an organisation whose mission it is to make athletics accessible to everyone. Additionally, the firm introduced the Education Accessibility Scholarship, the Tremendous Teacher Award, the Camp 4 Kids program that provides funds for two local children to attend summer camp in partnership with East Hartford’s Park and Recreation, as well as the T-Shirt Project for the Enfield Soup Kitchen. Combined, these outreach programs generated approximately $20,000 in 2021. While the monetary return is critical to ensuring the success of these causes, the firm’s community and online the forms of sharing narratives across your digital platforms, presenting your clients with opportunities to participate, donating time, raising funds, sponsorship, etc. If you are just getting started, select 1-2 causes that you would like to get behind. Develop a sustainable approach that positions you to effectively demonstrate your organisation’s support beyond the here and now. - Why is this initiative so important? - How much time can you give? - Can you afford to monetarily support the initiative? - Is the cause something that will ignite excitement in your employees? What about your clients? While ad hoc contributions are helpful, consistent, long-term support is more likely to make an impact on the bottom-line objectives. Formalise the approach Once you have identified the causes you would like to support, put to paper the strategy for incorporating your efforts into the fold of your overarching business goals. presence has also played a crucial role in heightening visibility, raising awareness, and empowering others to contribute. Today, the team has its sights set toward keeping the momentum going with plans to continue backing the causes they have come to care about so much while also considering a broader approach to community giving. That said, Ryan and Andrew emphasise the notion that it does not take a substantial amount of time or funding to make an impact. Take inventory When thinking about fine-tuning your firm’s approach, it’s important to reflect on the needs of your community as well as your capacity to contribute. Support can come in When you do go to market, make sure to include a comprehensive call to action so that the journey is as seamless as possible for interested parties.

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