Lawyer Monthly - March 2022

32 WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM | MAR 2022 HOW ‘NO-CODE’ CAN DIGITALLY TRANSFORM THE LEGAL SECTOR organisation as legal staff are freed up to focus on delivering an outstanding client experience. Transforming legal processes There are many opportunities for the nocode apps and automation approach to transform processes and services within the legal sector. For instance, users could build an app that allows legal staff to have a single view of all cases, their current status and their level of profitability. Central to a firm’s operation and often a source of frustration, case management systems require time and effort to administrate, and accuracy of information is also always at risk since manual tasks are prone to human error. With a no-code enterprise development platform, firms can easily integrate systems and create a consolidated view of case information that is more accessible to key stakeholders. Firms could also use no-code to build online portals to manage client payments and appointment bookings. If a client can book a hair appointment or even a flight using their smartphone, it is no surprise that they expect to be able to book an appointment with their lawyer just as easily. With no-code, firms can create a system that automates KYC checks and integrates with common ID verification and fraud prevention solutions, such as ID3global and Tracesmart. Clients can set their own schedule and make payments at their convenience. Not only can a portal enhance the client experience, but it cuts down on manual administration, freeing up staff to focus on higher value activities. A technological turning point There is no doubt that adopting a digital way of working can help increase productivity and attract new talent and clients. Until recently, the barriers to digital transformation that legal firms face have been insurmountable. However, a nocode enterprise development platform containing apps and automation can create a turning point for the legal sector. Firms can modernise processes one-by-one, at minimal cost and risk, deliver outstanding customer experiences and join the digital revolution.

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