Lawyer Monthly - March 2022

Welcome to the March 2022 Edition of Lawyer Monthly! As we reach the end of the winter, we find that “business as usual” has been shattered by the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine. While it is still much too early to gauge the full impact of this event, we expect to cover its ramifications for the legal sector in greater depth in months to come. Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine as we hope for a swift and peaceful resolution to the conflict. This month, Lawyer Monthly features insights from multiple areas of the profession. On immigration law, Emel Yilmaz outlines the sweeping changes that are coming to sponsor licenses in the UK on page 40, and L Durbin shares her learned advice on effectively working with immigrant clients on page 50. On corporate law, Yoshie Midorikawa offers a synopsis of the evolving landscape of fraud litigation in Japan on page 60, while on page 54 PwC UK’s Fran Marwood takes a look at fraud on an international scale and how businesses navigate the risks of sanctions exposure. In addition to several thought-provoking features on the practices of expert witnesses, the March edition also includes an overview of the world’s highest-paying law firms and how they reached their exceptional status, which you can find on page 22. Finally, our front-cover feature for this month comes from Dale Fiola, who explores the concept of privacy as enshrined in US law and the pressing need to remain one step ahead of emerging neural interfacing technology. His thoughts can be read on page 12. We hope that you enjoy this edition. Approx. 302,000 net digital distribution. LAWYER MONTHLY©2022 Universal Media Limited Lawyer Monthly is published by Universal Media Limited and is available on general subscription. Readership and circulation information can be found at: The views expressed in the articles within Lawyer Monthly are the contributors’ own. All rights reserved. Material contained within this publication is not to be reproduced in whole or in part without prior permission. Permission may only be given in written form by the management board of Universal Media Limited. Universal Media Limited: PO Box 17858 Tamworth, B77 9QG, United Kingdom Tel: 0044 (0) 1543 255 537 Follow Us: @lawyermonthly @LawyerMonthly @lawyermonthly - EDITOR Oliver Sullivan PRODUCTION MANAGER Emma Tansey - A Note From the Editor Oliver Sullivan Editor - Lawyer Monthly LM EDITOR'S NOTE 3 MAR 2022 | WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM

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