Lawyer Monthly - November 2021 Edition

66 WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM | NOV 2021 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY - PROTECTING TRADE SECRETS AMID RAPID RECRUITMENT Why are trade secrets especially vulnerable at the beginning and end of an employment relationship? Trade secrets represent information that is not generally known or accessible to the normal circle of persons who deal with that kind of information. It is commercially valuable, or it gives a competitive advantage because it is generally not known and for it to be protected as trade secret, reasonable security solutions must be put in place by its holder. Therefore, an essential characteristic of trade secrets is that they must be protected from outsiders. Both at the beginning and at the end of an employment relationship, trust between the employee and the employer is the main issue that puts trade secrets in jeopardy. And sometimes, when the employment relationship is ending, trust has been broken by at least one of the parties. Without trust, there is a near complete Protecting Trade Secrets Amid Rapid Recruitment Trade secrets are always among the most highly valued assets a company possesses. But how can companies with high employee turnover rates keep them safe? Flavia Stefura, senior associate at MPR Partners, answers our questions about trade secrets and security below.

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