Lawyer Monthly Magazine July 20 Edition

3 JUL 2020 | WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM Welcome to Lawyer Monthly’s July Edition! - The first half of 2020 has been wild, hasn’t it? From forest fires bringing climate change to the centre of our worries, to the coronavirus pandemic and protests occurring globally in unity to shout about the importance of tackling racism, 2020 has been a distressing year for most of us. For our July issue, we try to look ahead and answer: what will change, what should we change and how can we change? With the recent killing of George Floyd in the US, the team at Lawyer Monthly put together a special Black Lives Matter section, where we will hear personal stories from black lawyers on their journey into law and their tips and advice on tackling challenges that aspiring lawyers may face. We also have articles covering how employers should look after their employees if they are returning to work amidst the pandemic, how the criminal justice system and the legal sector can do more to tackle systemic racism, as well as how privacy rights have changed over time and whether we truly have access to privacy anymore. For our cover story this month, we had the pleasure of speaking to Rodney Peyton, a Medical Negligence Expert, who discusses how to tackle personal injury fraud, touching on nine principles for medico-legal practice. Turn to page 16 to read his insightful article. As well as this, we cover if copyright laws struggle to keep up with ever- evolving technology with William Delgado on page 30 and if companies should consider doing business with the government, on page 34. I hope you enjoy this issue! Universal Media Limited 179,587 net digital distribution Subscription Details: Lawyer Monthly is published 12 times per year. Annual print subscription rates: £795.00 GBP | €895 EUR | $1075 USD Digital Edition Subscription - Free Available from: - LAWYER MONTHLY © 2020 Universal Media Limited Lawyer Monthly is published by Universal Media Limited and is available on general subscription. Readership and circulation information can be found at: The views expressed in the articles within Lawyer Monthly are the contributors’ own. All rights reserved. Material contained within this publica- tion is not to be reproduced in whole or in part without prior permission. Permission may only be given in written form by the management board of Universal Media Limited. Universal Media Limited: PO Box 17858 Tamworth, B77 9QG, United Kingdom Tel: 0044 (0) 1543 255 537 - Follow Us: @lawyermonthly @LawyerMonthly @lawyermonthly - EDITOR Jaya Harrar PRODUCTION MANAGER Emma Tansey - A Note From the Editor Jaya Harrar Editor - Lawyer Monthly L M EDITOR'S NOTE

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