Lawyer Monthly Magazine January 2018 Edition

38 Special Feature LM93-18 www. lawyer-monthly .com How Young Lawyers Can Build New Business Skills at an Early Age… and Why It Matters firms you’ll only progress if you have the ability to bring in new business. Thankfully, the increasingly-connected world that we live in means that networking and building connections is easier than ever. Networking is a skill that I was fortunate enough to start to develop during my early years as a young lawyer and it has definitely paved the way for some of the success that I have achieved to date in my career. I was lucky to be at a very supportive firm when I was starting out – the Standing out as a young lawyer is difficult. Law is a competitive industry and all new starters are working hard. The traditional legal career path, which saw young lawyers progress by simply getting on with the work they’re given, is out of date. Nowadays, young lawyers need to go above and beyond to show proactive and independent thinking – and a sure-fire way of doing this is to win your law firm new clients. It’s not enough to be intelligent and proficient at law; in many Written By Anna Beaumont, CEO of gunnercooke Starting at your first law firm is an exciting yet daunting time for a young lawyer. It is a time of rapid transition from academic to working life, and involves a steep learn- ing curve. After years of hard work making your way into the legal sector, the challenge is then to put into practise what you have learnt and understand the working dynamics of a law firm, including what skills you need for your career to progress.

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