A Short Guide On Australian Visas For Expats

A Short Guide On Australian Visas For Expats

Whether you are currently in Australia on a temporary visa or have visited there in the past, you may have decided that this is where you want to live and work going forward. From previous experience, you know just how difficult it can be to weed through all the red tape and requirements just to get a temporary visa.

Now that you have decided that you would like a more permanent residence in the Land Down Under, you dread going through all the stages of getting approval for permanent residence.  Here’s everything you need to know to make the process as smooth as possible.

Navigating The Complexities Of Australian Immigration Laws

According to My Australian Visa, immigration laws in Australia can be quite complex and that’s why experienced immigration lawyers can be a vital step in approval. For example, if you visit the Home Affairs website, you’ll see certain information on that very first page that is a bit frightening. They clearly state that the two most common reasons for granting permanent residency are:

  • Family visas
  • Skilled work visas

And if you are not within one of those two ‘common’ reasons for being granted a PR visa, will you even stand a chance of being approved for a PR visa for retirement, if that is your desire?

The Points Grid Is Only One Complexity Of Many

One of the things which so many PR visa applicants are concerned with is the point system by which they will be, for lack of better words, graded as if on an entrance exam at university. Applicants for permanent residency must score a minimum of 65 points on a grid where points are awarded for meeting certain criteria. This is even to just be considered for approval! As an example of how those points are awarded, let’s look at a few categories:

  • Age – Maximum points 30
  • Proficiency in English – Maximum 20 points.
  • Doctorate degree outside Australia – Maximum 20 points.

And there is a whole page of qualifications for which you will be graded. While a minimum of 65 points will get you to the next level for consideration, if you score between 80 and 85 points it may speed up the process.

Issues With Travelling Abroad

Now that you’ve made the decision that Australia is where you would like to live and work, there are other issues that may be problematic with overseas travel as a permanent resident. Just because someone has been granted personal residency doesn’t mean they are free to leave and return again when their trip is over. Certain countries will automatically disqualify you from re-entry on that PR visa and this can be more than a bit concerning especially when you may have family in distress in the country you would like to visit. 

There is much to consider and although Australia welcomes visitors with temporary visas, those for expats seeking PR visas are usually more difficult to obtain. For this reason, you may want to seriously consider representation by a knowledgeable and experienced legal team that can warn you of potential problems and help you circumvent issues that could impede the process. If you have a need for speed, this is your safest route.

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