US Legal Sector Adds 1,800 Jobs In January

US Legal Sector Adds 1,800 Jobs In January

According to the US Labor Department’s latest jobs report, the US legal sector added 1,800 jobs in January, continuing a trend of steady growth since spring 2020.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed an initial 1,176,600 legal services sector jobs last month, up 3.5% year over year. This figure had climbed steadily since October, when employment in the sector first exceeded its historical peak of 1,165,300 jobs in February 2020, before the coronavirus pandemic swung into full force. 

The legal sector’s employment count includes lawyers, paralegals, and other legal professionals. As large law firms come under pressure to keep up with work from corporate clients, many of these professionals are in noticeably high demand. 

In 2021, client demand for legal services was up 6.5% on average amongst the 130 large and regional law firms that were surveyed by Wells Fargo Private Bank’s Legal Speciality Group. 

Commenting on the factors that contributed to the surge in legal employment, John Cashman, president of Major, Lindsey & Africa said, “The demand for high-end legal services has never been higher, and the shortage of associates has never been reduced.”

There’s no good reason that’ll slow down when it comes to demand for services,” Cashman said.

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