Nike Sues Lululemon Over Its Mirror Home Gym Product

On Wednesday, Nike Inc filed a lawsuit against Lululemon Athletica Inc, accusing its competitor of patent infringement for making and selling the Mirror Home Gym and related mobile apps without permission.

In a complaint filed in US District Court in Manhattan, Nike accused Lululemon of infringing six patents, including through technology that allows users to target specific exertion levels, compete against other users, and record their personal performance. Nike is seeking triple damages for its competitors alleged wilful infringement. 

Lululemon bought Mirror, an at-home fitness company, for approximately $453 million in July 2020 as athletic apparel makers benefited from the pandemic prompting more people to exercise from the comfort of their own homes and spend more time in comfortable casual wear such as leggings and hoodies. 

In a statement, Lululemon said: “The patents in question are overly broad and invalid. We are confident in our position and look forward to defending it in court.” 

In a December 10, 2021 letter to Nike, a lawyer for Lululemon said that the company respects intellectual property.

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