Hearing Could Restore Independence To Britney Spears Following 14-Year Conservatorship

On Friday, Britney Spears’ conservatorship case returns to court for a highly anticipated hearing that could restore the singer’s independence following her 14-year conservatorship.

Los Angeles judge Brenda Penny will rule on requests to end the controversial legal arrangement that has allowed several people, primarily her father, to control Spears’ finances, career, and personal life since 2008.

Spears has repeatedly asked for the conservatorship to come to an end. Recently, her father, Jamie Spears, has also said that he supports its termination. 

The hearing comes one month after a judge suspended Mr Spears from the conservatorship in a significant victory for the singer who has previously claimed that her father was abusive. If the judge approves full termination today, it will mark a long-awaited end to a highly controversial arrangement that has been closely followed by the public eye for some time now. 

Before the hearing, fans of the singer organised to block off the street in front of the LA courthouse for a demonstration. Fans have also made plans for a “Freedom Party” on Friday if the judge rules to end the conservatorship. 

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