4 Considerations When Choosing The Right Legal Marketing Software

Like any other business, law firms need to have a marketing strategy in place to attract clients and remain competitive. Marketing in this modern world, however, can be time-consuming without the proper tools.

So, if you want to take your legal marketing to the next level, you need to invest in reliable legal marketing software. However, with thousands of marketing solutions available, choosing the right platform for your law firm can be daunting. With that said, we listed some key factors you need to consider to find the right marketing software for your law firm’s needs and requirements. 

1. User Interface

First, you want to consider how simple or complex a marketing platform’s user interface is. Since marketing is a complex process, you want to ensure that the software you choose can make it easy and intuitive. After all, one of the reasons why you’re looking for marketing software is to streamline this process. There are certain aspects that determine the user-friendliness of marketing software. 

For one, does the marketing platform offer clear navigation? An easy-to-use platform should also have contextual information as you hover over menus and options. In general, there’s always a learning curve when using new software. However, a good user interface allows you or your marketing team to be able to use the platform in the shortest amount possible. 

Some vendors offer software training to help you or your marketing team use the software to its full capabilities. While some offer it free when you purchase the platforms, others have a separate cost for training you. 

2. Features And Integrations

Every marketing software will have different features. Choose a platform that has the features and capabilities you need. Make a list of the features you need before looking for the best marketing software for law firms out there. This allows you to narrow down on suitable platforms for your needs. In addition, if you’re currently using other marketing techniques such as customer relationship management (CRM) software, you want to consider how it integrates with the new platform. This allows for a seamless connection and transfer of data across your current platforms. 

3. Cost

One of the major factors to consider when choosing a marketing software is the cost. In general, you want to come up with a budget to spend on marketing software for your law firm. While a marketing platform is not a cheap expense, it can be quite beneficial for your finances in the long term. Legal marketing software, when used right, can help streamline and ramp up your marketing strategies, increasing your chances of attracting more clients and, thereby, boosting profits. 

With that said, pricing structures may differ from one platform to another. In most cases, vendors offer a certain price per number of contacts. Thus, you want to consider how many contacts you intend to have. If you have a larger audience, you want to make sure how much you’ll have to pay. 

You can check past data to see how fast your client and audience database has grown. This should give you insight into how much you might have to pay in the future as your law firm grows. You also want to consider unexpected expenses such as a startup fee or the cost of a developer for custom integrations. These fees can quickly add up and throw your budget off. 

4. Support And Learning Resources

As with any transition, there are bound to be some bumps along the way. When that happens, how will you be supported by the vendor? Even the smallest issue can put a glitch in your marketing operations. Thus, customer support can be an essential factor when comparing different marketing platforms out there. 

Understanding the kind of support your software vendor offers can help prevent major headaches when issues and glitches occur. 

The most common support is through email, live chat, or phone. Being able to connect with an actual human can help in resolving your unique issues. Also, you want to consider their availability. Most vendors offer 24/7 support; however, some only offer it through chatbots until a representative is available. If customer support is not an option, are there other resources you can use? For instance, some marketing platforms offer guides and YouTube videos to help you troubleshoot on your own. 


As you can see, choosing the right marketing software for your practice doesn’t have to be daunting. By considering the above factors, you can choose the right legal marketing platform for your needs, allowing your law firm to attract more clients and ensure growth for years to come. 

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