How To Stand Out From Other Law Firms

With so many law firms operating in large cities and small towns, it’s not always easy to establish yourself as one of the best. You want people to know your law firm’s name and recall it when they need help, but it can seem almost impossible to compete with other well-established firms. While reputations can take many years to build, taking some of the following steps may help your firm stand out to people who need your help.   

Offer A Desirable Fee Structure

Some people can be unsure about taking their case to court as they don’t have enough money to pay lawyers’ fees. However, if you’re a no win no fee lawyer, you can tell clients that they don’t have to pay a cent unless they win their case, including disbursements. This can be a weight off anyone’s mind, especially if they know they have a solid case but just don’t have the funds to make it a legal fight. 

Create A Website

Many people rely on search engines to find legal assistance. Create a website to make sure your name can appear prominently when someone requires your help for a car accident claim, medical malpractice, or another legal issue. Once you have created an aesthetically pleasing site for potential clients to visit, put time and effort into SEO and marketing to make it easy to locate in a search. 

Ask For Google Reviews

People want to hire law firms and lawyers they can trust and who have provided past clients with the results they desired. Make this information prominent by asking past clients for Google reviews. You can’t specifically ask for good reviews, but you can be strategic about who you ask to bring up your overall rating in the digital space. 

Create Video Content

Lawyers can be intimidating to some people, especially in a courtroom environment. Make yourself appear more approachable and personable by creating regular video content. You can create informational videos for your website, but also behind-the-scenes insights into what you do every day while demonstrating that you are approachable. This video content can be helpful for SEO purposes, but also to help you build a connection with the general public. 

Be Easy To Contact

It can sometimes seem like the more powerful you are, the harder you can be to contact. Lawyers are busy working over 40 hours a week, but that doesn’t mean they should be out of reach of the general public needing assistance. 

Make sure there are many ways to contact your firm, such as online chat, phone, and email. Even if it’s not you at the other end of the phone all the time, not being met with a busy signal or radio silence may bolster your reputation. 

Standing out from other law firms for the right reasons can take a long time, but it can also be a lot easier than you might think. Be approachable, competitive with your fee structure, and make use of the digital space. You may then be who many people call upon in their time of need.

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