Red Flags To Look For When Hiring A Car Accident Attorney

Each day, human lives are lost in car accidents. While the vehicles we drive get safer and easier to manoeuvre with each new version, the human factor remains the weak link of the chain. Distracted drivers (usually by smartphones), driving under the influence, or speeding are only a few factors that lead to car accidents. Sadly, the situation is not about to change any time soon, which is why even extremely careful drivers may get involved in an accident (usually as the victims). This is why it’s important to have access to the right information, to make sure you get proper compensation for your troubles. Still, not every car accident attorney or law firm will be the best fit for your needs. Even more, some may not be a fit for anyone, so here are a few red flags to watch out for:

Lack Of Transparency

If the firm or individual you consider hiring as your car accident attorney gets fidgety or evasive when you inquire about their experience with cases like yours, it’s best to reconsider. You want a legal representative that’s upfront about their previous experience in the event of an auto accident, like The Patel Firm, which is a car accident attorney in Corpus Christi. That’s why, even before you set up a meeting, go to their website and check the information they provide. Do they list several methods of contact? Do they post updates in the field and talk about their experiences with customers (making sure to protect confidential data)? 


Once you establish the first contact and decide to start a collaboration, are they still available to take your calls and answer your emails? Also, if they do reply, pay attention to who is replying to you – is it the lawyer you hired, or are you talking with their assistant? Some lawyers are extremely busy with cases they consider more important and leave smaller cases (for which they also charge a solid fee) in the care of employees with less experience. If this is the case, it’s best to take your business elsewhere.

Lack of Empathy

A car accident (even a light one, without much damage) is a traumatic experience. Therefore, it’s important to get a lawyer who understands your trauma and can empathise. This aspect is important to establish trust between you (the client) and the law firm (the service provider), but it also helps when trying to settle the compensation. A lawyer who understands your distress will be able to better represent your interests in a legal battle. 


Good lawyers and law firms are always well-organised and hyper-focused on even the smallest details. So, if you visit your lawyer’s office and you see mountains of files spread everywhere, that’s a huge red flag. A disorganised attorney can’t be trusted with sensitive documents. You can’t be sure they won’t misplace important evidence or that they won’t overlook important details that could have led to a better settlement. 

Promises & Pressure

If a lawyer promises to win your case even before you finish the first meeting, take it as a red flag. Their only interest is to get you to sign the contract, after which they’ll probably pressure you into a settlement you may not be comfortable with. This type of scenario happens with law firms and attorneys who take as many cases come their way, without caring about the customer. They only care about getting paid and finding the fastest way to get there. 

Wrap Up

The relationship with your attorney should be based on trust, but it takes a bit of time to get to know each other. Therefore, as long as you fully understand the role of a car accident attorney, you can rely on their previous experience (based on hard evidence and reviews) and your gut feeling after the first meeting. Pay attention to any red flags, and you should be fine. 

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