Clarke Willmott To Move To New Office Purpose-Built For Flexible Working

National law firm Clarke Willmott LLP will relocate their Birmingham office to a new location that has been specially designed to support the firm’s future growth as well as their commitment to fully flexible working for staff.

Speaking on the move, Chief Executive Stephen Rosser said: “Our Birmingham office move comes at a really exciting time for the firm and for the team in Birmingham specifically. Prior to the pandemic, we had plans for Birmingham including a more flexible use of our office space, but in the last 16 months we have learnt so much that we have been able to be more adventurous with our plans.” 

“Our lawyers and support staff have delivered at higher levels than ever before and have communicated their desire to work flexibly in future. We will deliver this for them and our Birmingham team is leading our move in this direction.”

The new office project has been led by the firm’s Head of Office Rayner Grice: “Over 90% of our staff have told us via our surveys that they want to work flexibly going forward and this has given me the freedom to design our new office for that purpose,” Grice said. 

“Staff who prefer and want to work in the office can do so. Staff who want to dip in and out as their needs change are also accommodated. By using a desk booking system and having created a space with a full range of work environments from private booths through to a business lounge, our people can collaborate with one another, socialise or work quietly on confidential matters. Every staff member has different preferences, but our aim is to accommodate everyone in such a way that they can do their best work for our clients.”

Clarke Willmott, which operates a full range of legal services, will relocate to Colmore Row on July 19, as most remaining covid-19 restrictions are set to be lifted. 

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