Amazon Calls For FTC Chair To Step Aside From Investigations

Amazon has filed a motion seeking to recuse FTC Chair Lina Khan from ongoing antitrust probes into the e-commerce giant due to her past criticisms of the company’s influence.

On Wednesday, Amazon filed a 25-page motion with the FTC, arguing that Khan lacks impartiality in the antitrust investigations. Amazon said that Khan has previously made public comments about Amazon and its conduct.

The move by Amazon comes as US and foreign regulators are investigating various areas of the company’s business. In Autumn 2020, EU antitrust regulators filed charges against the e-commerce giant, accusing it of using business data to wield an unfair advantage over smaller sellers on its platforms. The FTC and Congress are now looking into Amazon’s treatment of third-party sellers and reviewing its proposed acquisition of US media company MGM.

Lina Khan was sworn in as FTC Chair in June. The unexpected move came just three hours after she was officially confirmed to serve as a commissioner by the Senate. During her confirmation hearing, Khan stated that she has no financial conflicts that would make her subject to recusal under ethics laws.

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