5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Lawyer To Fight A Speeding Ticket

Driving is a privilege that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Whether you were having too much fun or were in too much of a rush, driving at 80mph in a 55 is never justified.

Getting a speeding ticket is not a misdemeanor or felony, but it can have serious and long-term implications. For instance, you will have to pay a hefty fine, you may lose your license for a while, and your insurance cost may rise. But, once you already have a speeding ticket, there’s no taking it back. The next step is to find the best way to deal with it.

When you are handed your first speeding ticket, it’s normal to feel stressed and upset. You may have to miss work for court appearances and will have to deal with the ordeals of it. However, knowing that there are reliable attorneys out there to help you is a relief. Here are 5 reasons why you should hire a lawyer to fight a speeding ticket.

1. They Know What to Look for

Ever heard of someone getting a speeding ticket and walking away without losing a dime? These are the type of people who hire a lawyer to fight their traffic ticketLawyers know how to get out of a ticket by finding errors that an average person can’t. If you are hiring a lawyer, odds are your traffic ticket will be dismissed at the first court appearance.

2. They Know How to Negotiate

Let’s say the police officer was careful enough while writing you a ticket, and there are no errors to be found. Even in this case, a lawyer can negotiate on your behalf in court and reduce your ticket. Lawyers can demand concessions based on your good driving history, or they might find another convincing reason to get your ticket reduced. This is something that you might not be able to pull off on your own.

3. They Know Your Rights

As a citizen, you might not know your rights and privileges when it comes to traffic law, but a lawyer does. Having someone on your side who understands the law entirely will significantly improve your odds of getting your ticket dismissed or reduced. A lawyer knows how to represent you before the judge and argue on your behalf within the legal framework.

4. It’s not as expensive as you might think

Hiring a lawyer sounds like an additional expense, but it’s not. If it was an  excessively expensive affair, traffic lawyers wouldn’t exist in the first place. Most traffic lawyers have reasonable rates because it takes a lot less time fighting a speeding ticket than handling a felony case. It may be hard to believe, but a lawyer can wind up hundreds of traffic violation cases in a day. In all probability, you will end up paying less towards the lawyer’s fee and the ticket combined than you would have otherwise.

5. When the big brother shows up, bullies calm down

People who decide to represent themselves in court often succumb to prosecutors. Part of the reason is they don’t know how to fight and end up getting harsh penalties. On the contrary, when a lawyer represents you, prosecutors know that they don’t stand a chance against you. As a result, you are less likely to pay the full ticket amount or in some cases, walk away without paying anything at all.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a lawyer indicates that you are more invested in your case than the violators appearing before or after you. Lawyers have a professional rapport with the judge which works inadvertently to your advantage, so if you find yourself with a traffic ticket, hiring a lawyer is always a good idea.

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