Top 3 Accredited Ph.D. Programs To Get Fast

If you're looking to advance your legal career with a Ph.D, how do you know which route to take and which are the best ones? We examine the best ways to get your Ph.D

The Ph.D. or Doctor of Philosophy degree program is offered in a variety of academic fields. In general, the best programs are provided by exceptionally well-funded institutions, have top-of-the-line facilities for research, and possess a good supply of educational resources. The best way to choose between the shortest doctoral programs and the most straightforward Ph.D. programs is to ask each school for further information. Several accelerated online postgraduate programs are available, even though most online doctoral programs last two years and longer. 

Top 3 Accelerated Doctoral Programs

If you want to obtain a Ph.D., a long-term commitment is required. A doctoral program can take well over five years to complete. In many universities across the country, you can pursue an accredited accelerated Ph.D. program. Meaning, more schools offer a doctorate in one year. As a reference guide, the following list contains a selection of 3 of the shortest doctoral programs out there. Depending on how they are structured, these online degree programs are offered in full-time, part-time, online, or hybrid formats.

1. Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program

Distance learning is one of the easiest ways to earn a doctorate. The curriculum is designed for nurses currently employed and who wish to pursue higher education to advance their careers. Is there an online 12-month DNP program available? Yes, of course! Since self-paced learning is familiar with online programs, you can complete an online DNP degree program within 12 months. However, we will say that a nursing degree is completed within 20 months if you follow the “easy” path. Students acquire advanced knowledge about business and evidence-based models, population health, and healthcare systems. The program is completed within a short period through a final scholarly project that emphasizes quality improvement, translational science, and patient outcomes. 

2. Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Degree Program

The program offers online Ph.D. scholars numerous opportunities to specialize in a specific area that best suits their professional development and research interests. There are many specializations to choose from, including Global Business and Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Business Management, Information Systems and Enterprise Resource Management, and Healthcare Management and Leadership. Universities that offer DBA programs provide state-of-the-art learning resources for convenient learning. The program is ideal for military personnel, working professionals, employees of the Department of Defense, and families of military members. It is possible to complete the degree program within 24 months.

3. Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and Management Degree Programs

Students can complete coursework in four 10-week quarters throughout the year, which allows them to take more courses within a short period. Please note that the overall Ed.D. program is completed within three to five years. It does not require a residency requirement, and you can meet all coursework and dissertation requirements at your own pace. In addition, students are exposed to opportunities to join academic networks through cohort systems. 

Also note, nobody wants to spend ten years doing their Ph.D. So, let’s keep this straight and simple. No matter your degree program and university, you can hasten your program by keeping your topic as narrow as possible, writing a funding proposal ahead of time, and having your thesis examined from time to time. 

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