Intellectual Ventures Sues Hewlett Packard Enterprise For Patent Infringement

Hewlett Packard is accused of illegally using Intellectual Ventures’ patented works in its products.

American multinational enterprise information technology company, Hewlett Packard, has had a complaint filed against it in the Western District of Texas on Friday. The complaint alleges that the company has infringed a number of patents held by American private equity company Intellectual Ventures, which has accused Hewlett Packard of illegally using its patented works in its products.  

Intellectual Ventures is a top patent filer in a diverse range of fields, including computer hardware, medical devices, semiconductors, and software. Its business model focuses on buying patents and collecting them into a large patent portfolio, then licensing these patents out to third parties.

Hewlett Packard specialises in developing high-performance storage solutions, including hyper-converged infrastructure solutions and virtualised storage solutions. It has come under fire for its 3PAR StoreServ Storage System and the SimpliVity series of HCI solutions, with Intellectual Ventures’ accusing the technology company of infringing upon its patents. Intellectual Ventures is currently seeking a declaration that Hewlett Packard Enterprise breached its patents, as well as compensation for damages, attorney’s fees, and other relief. 

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