Maven Capital Partners Invests £2.5 Million in Cardinality

Maven Capital Partners has invested £2.5 million in Cardinality, a Surrey-based software and service provider.

Maven Capital Partners has invested £2.5 million in Cardinality, a Surrey-based software and service provider.

Cardinality has developed a data ingestion and analytics platform called Perception that enables its customers to run, manage and derive value from datasets in real time and at massive scale.

Luke Matthews, investment director at Maven, said: “Cardinality offers an excellent opportunity for the Maven VCTs to invest into a scaling business, for which the growth dynamics of the data integration sector provide a positive outlook.

“The company has seen good commercial progress to date and its revenues are backed up by a strong pipeline and growing recurring revenue base.”


An Interview With Confidas People, Adviser on the Deal

In what capacity did your firm advise on the Maven Capital Partners investment?

Confidas People provided Human Capital Planning and Management Due Diligence on the investment, helping the investors get a good understanding of the management team and advising how to best align, engage and support the team through the value creation journey.

Did your team face any challenges? If so, how did you overcome them?

The remote working during COVID was potentially a challenge. However, it has been something we have adapted to very well and our work has become more detailed and clinical as a result. We will of course return to face-to-face meetings to a certain extent, but as remote working is so efficient it will remain an important part of how we operate. It has allowed us to expand our reach, working with more European-based investment houses efficiently and effectively.

What are your first priorities when advising on a deal like this?

In this type of deal the first thing we are focused on is the scalability of the individuals, identifying potential blockages or barriers and advising how to mitigate or manage those and making sure people are in the right roles to allow them to play to their strengths. Then we look at the gaps in the team and how best to support management on the scale-up and growth journey. We do this by getting a good understanding of track record and experience, assessing individual scalability and potential, and analysing how that picture aligns with the business’s goals for growth.

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