Tips for How to Pick the Right Wrongful Death Lawyer

In the aftermath of the death of a loved one to an avoidable accident, you will need an experienced lawyer to handle your case while you grieve.

Wrongful deaths are one of the most common causes of death today. CDC reports show that there were 173,040 unintentional deaths in 2020. An unintentional injury death can subject you to a double tragedy of both losing a loved one and landing an inexperienced wrongful death attorney. Hiring the right lawyer is the first step to winning your death suit. If you’re struggling to find such a lawyer, the following tips will help you make the best decision for you and your family.

1. Investigate the lawyer’s background

Adequate research is essential when searching for the right person to handle your case. If you’re having a difficult time, don’t let grief impair your judgment. Investigate the backgrounds of the few attorneys in your area. Ask them if they’ve handled cases similar to yours, and check if they’re properly licensed. If possible, choose an attorney who specializes in wrongful death cases.

2. Ask questions

The best way to get the right attorney for your case is by asking questions regarding their expertise. Tailor your questions towards the following areas:

  • The number of wrongful death cases they handle each year
  • Years they’ve been serving in your area
  • Track record of settlements and verdicts
  • How often they represent wrongful death cases

3. Association membership

Before choosing a wrongful death lawyer, it’s important to check their standing. Are they members of the bar association? Check the local bar association website to see if the attorney you’re considering is a member. If they’re not, look for someone else. Lawyers with leadership roles are the most suitable to handle wrongful death cases. Being a leader means that the lawyer has a goodreputation and has earned the respect of other lawyers.

4. Effective communication

A good wrongful death attorney must possess good communication skills. Effective communication is a critical trait that can easily determine whether you win or lose a case. Hire a lawyer who listens to your concerns, understands your fears and answers your questions. Avoid any attorney who doesn’t return your calls promptly. Hiring such a lawyer is just the starting point of inevitable frustration.

5. Get testimonials

Look for opinions from friends and family members. If one of them had a similar case to yours, ask them to refer you to the attorney who represented them. Alternatively, you can ask the lawyer you’re considering if they have any references. If they have you speak to some of their happy clients, consider hiring them. References always provide unbiased answers.

6. Cost

Wrongful death attorneys charge differently depending on the situation. Before you decide on whom to hire, compare their costs. Some lawyers are amenable to working on a contingency fee basis while others aren’t.


Choose the wrongful death lawyer to represent your case wisely. These tips will help you find a lawyer with the best experience and clients’ interests in mind. A good lawyer will fight your wrongful death battle and help you win your case.

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