5 Types of Personal Injury and Accidents You Can Claim For

Personal injury is an umbrella term, applying to various types of accidents. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the most common personal injury claims.

1. Road Traffic Accidents

Also referred to as RTAs, road traffic accidents are exactly as the term implies. If you have been involved in a road accident as a result of another person’s negligence, you are eligible for filing a claim for car damage on the responsible individual or company’s motor insurance policy. The cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle is covered by the responsible party’s insurance, but what if you were hurt? What about this cost?

An insurance claim in this situation does not cover any injury costs, lost earnings, or the pain and trauma caused by the accident. If you sustained an injury in an RTA, a lawyer can help you make a personal injury claim. It does not matter whether you were the pedestrian, cyclist, passenger, or driver. If that happens, contact a legal professional for help.

2. Accidents at Work

Employers are responsible for the safety of employees at work. They are legally mandated to make the workplace and the work you do as safe as possible. Ideally, they are required to train you properly and provide the necessary personal protective equipment required for the task.

Experiencing an accident while working can be stressful and can leave you feeling anxious about your ability to work as well as your finances. This kind of worry can even interfere with recovery. It is important to keep in mind that health & safety at work legislation and employment law are on your side when it comes to accidents at work. Both protect your rights, particularly if you are scared of filing a personal injury claim against the employer.

A team of experienced personal injury lawyers can help you get the compensation you require to lead a normal life after suffering an accident at work.

Employers are responsible for the safety of employees at work.

3. Slips, Trips & Falls

It is a general misconception that slips, trips, and falls mean minor injuries like scrapes and cuts. However, they tend to form a substantial part of the personal injury claims that law firms deal with. Slips, trips and falls can cause severe harm such as spinal injuries, broken bones, head or brain trauma.

If you fall in public, there is no need to feel embarrassed as accidents happen all the time. The owner of the property you fell in has an obligation to ensure the premises are safe for everyone. If they have failed, then your slip and fall was due to their negligence and could have been avoided.

4. Fatal/Life-Changing Injuries

We know how overwhelming and sad it can be to lose a loved one or see them badly injured. In such hard times, a team of experienced personal injury lawyers can provide advice and suggest the way forward.

Any compensation you get from the party responsible can help provide the much-needed support. For instance, it can help cover ongoing medical treatment or home adaptations.

5. Medical Negligence

You should also contact a personal injury lawyer if you have experienced any kind of medical negligence. There are different kinds of negligence, including ophthalmological (eye) treatment, dental, or incorrect medical treatment.

You can be eligible for a medical negligence claim if you or a loved one has experienced any of the following:

-Misdiagnosis, delay in diagnosis, or failure to diagnose that harms or worsens an existing condition.

-A mistake during a surgical procedure that injures you or worsens an existing condition.

-Medication mis-prescription or any other kind of incorrect treatment that results in harm.

Also, you can make a personal injury claim for negligence in medical treatment that left you or a loved one in pain for longer than it should be.

These are the common forms of personal injuries that you are eligible to file for if you were not responsible. As mentioned earlier, do not hesitate to reach out to a lawyer who specialises in personal injury if you feel one of the above cases applies to you.

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